Home groups

in Gothenburg International Baptist Church

  • Welcome to be a part of one of our home groups where we listen to God through his word, speak to him in prayer, eat a meal and share our lives with one another. 

Bible studies & prayer meetings

During the midweek we normally meet up in our homegroups to study a book of the Bible, pray from the passage, for one another and to have fellowship around a meal. Welcome!

Bible studies in simple Swedish

We start each time we meet by eating a meal flavored from different cultures. Then we work step by step through a Bible text in simple Swedish. If you would like to improve your Swedish skills and at the same time get to know Jesus more and more, then you’re most welcome to join us.

The ladies’ home group

Once a month the ladies meet up to study the Bible, pray and encourage one another. Those occasions are a good opportunity to get to know one another better. 

The men’s home group

The men also meet up once a month to encourage and pray for one another through Bible studies and fellowship.

Latest sermons in English