When, where and how?


We have our services each Sunday at 16:00. When we meet, we get together to worship God, to seek His face and to listen to His Word. Then we eat a simple meal together, fellowship and share our lives with each other. You are welcome to come along!

Where: Forum, Kortedala torg 1 (Tram line 6, 7 and 11 stop Kortedala torg)


Bible studies:

We meet in our homes in Bergsjön where we study and speak about a chapter in book of the Bible, as well as sing worship songs, and pray.  Previously, we have gone through the Gospel of Matthew and the epistles of John, and are currently studying the gospel of John and the Psalms.

We normally start with singing some worship songs and then we pray for each other’s circumstances and for our family members and friends who do not know the Lord yet.  Then we study a chapter in a Bible book where we try to help each other what it means, what it have to say to us and how we can glorify God through our lives. We finish the evening with a small meal and fellowship. If you want to come, contact us for place and time.



On wednesdays we have a Bible study in simple Swedish in which all hard swedish words are explained. We can also offer translation into a number of different languages. If you want to come, contact us for place and time.



On thursdays we are going through the book of Psalms. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to come.


Bible studies for men and women:

Once a month we have a separate Bible study for men and women. The ladies are currently going through the book: “What is the gospel?” and the men are studying  1Timothy.


During the week:

We are also active on different occasions during the weeks telling people how Jesus has changed our lives through the gospel. This can take different expressions. We usually have a book table at Kvibergs international market where we give out portions of the Bible in around 60 languages.

Bible distribution at Kviberg’s international market